The blockchain is the technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It has the potential to fundamentally impact the Internet and all its processes – but as a resident at Blockruption’s Blockchain Bar, you already know this.

If you want to find out even more about the blockchain and related digital technologies, their applications and their impact on business and society, have a look at Blockruption.

Explaining the blockchain beer-to-beer

Welcome to Blockruption's
Blockchain Bar!

Blockchain might be the next big thing. Everybody talks about it. But who really understands what it’s all about and how it works?

Do you want to know? It’s simple. To learn how blockchains work, just dive into our story of a cozy little bar.

When the bar was in danger, its regular guests decided to take things into their own hands. They turned it into Blockruption’s Blockchain Bar and now run it themselves. To organise the bar, our friends at the Blockchain Bar applied some well-known concepts that had been around for decades or even centuries, such as beer tokens and how to work together.

The result is a collection of rather special bar rules. But they are easy to understand and easy to apply. And, yet, somehow the bar now works pretty much like a blockchain or other beer-to-beer … uh … peer-to-peer system.

In our Bar, you will learn about all major concepts around blockchain. But, of course, without formulas, gibberish and ugly diagrams. Instead, we have a nice bar, a couple of strange guests, and cold beer. Sounds good? Maybe too good? You better find out …
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Nacatmoto is The Blockchain Bar’s cat in residence. He helps new guests to understand the bar rules and blockchain concepts.

Who is behind The Blockchain Bar?

Our story

The story of Blockruption’s Blockchain Bar began in June 2018, when Martin Breitsprecher and Collin Müller sat in a restaurant in the port of Hamburg, Germany.

For a long time, they had been trying several approaches of explaining the blockchain to non-nerds. While joking around about blockchain terminology, they discovered that almost any blockchain concept can be explained with simple examples from a hypothetical bar that isn’t run by a single bar owner, but by the guests themselves in a peer-to-peer fashion.

When they are not working on their side project, Martin and Collin help companies to achieve growth and efficiency through digital transformation. On they also blog about Bitcoin and the Blockchain and support companies in using the great opportunities of the revolutionary technology.

Martin Breitsprecher and Collin Müller